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Boatbuilding and Nautical Products

Chris is a custom boatbuilder who uses his craft to preserve the designs of yesteryear. 

From Ship to Shore


Growing up by the Seashore

  New England has a long and storied maritime history. Pilgrims landed the Mayflower on Plymouth Rock; Nantucket was the whaling capital of the world; the USNS Constitution Old Ironsides, is berthed in Charlestown, MA and New Englanders have made their livings fishing the waters of the Atlantic Ocean for hundreds of years.

  Chris Kelley, a licensed Merchant Marine Captain and construction supervisor, spent his early days sailing with his father in Situate, MA. From a young age, his interest in the maritime industry was sparked. Chris combined his love for reading with his thirst for knowledge and spent time reading novels about the world’s oceans and the men who braved the storms to conquer the seas. 

He took to the ocean himself after graduating from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and spent years traveling the world, visiting different ports just like the characters from all of the stories he had read.  


Love of the Ocean Influenced his Artwork

  Chris has since ended his deep-sea career, but spends his time on the waters of Lewis Bay and Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod. Chris Kelley’s love for the ocean and the maritime trade have sparked his uniquely nautical décor creations. After retiring, Chris wanted to create a way to bring the sailing ships of yesteryear into his home, to remind him of the long storied history of the waters of New England. 

 Each hand crafted item in this line is connected in some way to Chris' experiences at sea.


The Black Scallop Line Products featuring the Belaying Pin

Focusing on the rigging of Clipper Ships, Chris found a way to use Belaying Pins, key pieces of the equipment on a sailing vessel, as nautical themed home decorating pieces. All of these pieces are as functional as the belaying pins on the clipper ships.

These belaying pins can be used as coat racks, hat racks, door latches, and even dog leash holders. Every time you hang your hat you will think of the ocean.  

Chris has worked with countless customers to create their Custom Designs. He specializes in designing boat houses (featured in This Old House Magazine), rowboats, window boxes, hatch grate tables, and of course the belyaing pin line.

 If you are searching for a unique piece with a nautical flare, Chris can create it!    

Presently, custom orders are available for belaying pin products. 

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